We are your angels on earth and peace of mind. We specialize in creating a luxury short-term lodging experience for working professionals and families all over the world. We are your; clean, reliable, honest, and long-term paying tenant who hosts short-term guests on a week-by-week basis. Tosani Legacy Corporation is built on the foundation of family, faith, and legacy.

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Why Tosani? 

The benefits of working with Tosani will not only increase your occupancy rate but provide you peace of mind. By working with us, you will gain quality long-term tenants in your property. Your units will remain in like-new condition and cleaned 2-3 times weekly courtesy of our professional cleaning crew. Not only will we provide you peace of mind, but we will also take care of all maintenance issues under $200 and guarantee a detailed screening on all guests. 

The Experince 

Decorated Bedroom

Luxury Short Term Experience: 

We provide a safe, fully sanitized, and clean space for all of our guests to feel at home!

Fully furnished

Professionally cleaned 2-3 times weekly

No parties allowed

Rent paid early, on time, with negotiable asking price

About Our Guests: 

We serve working professionals from all over the world. 90% of our guest are: Corporate Executives, Traveling nurses, CEO'S, Families, Young Adults, and Seasonal Visitors

Loving Couple
Home Owners

What Landlords are saying : 

"The Tosani team has lived up to exactly what they approached me with, which was a clean house, reliable payments, respectful clients, and great communication. I own about 15 rental properties around Texas and would allow The Tosani team to occupy all of them. They have taken great care of my properties and even have paid more in rent just as a "Thank you" Great company!" 

Attractive Mature Woman

Lisa Dean, Traveling Nurse 

"Since covid, I've Intentionally tried to find Tosani units when booking on 3rd party platforms. They make every stay very comfortable. I love their decor as well. Always a 5-star experience"

Open for Business

Savannah Greene, Artist 

I have stayed at  3 different Tosani units since I've started booking short-term stay's and they've never disappointed. Great communication and amazing hospitality 

Brandon Kent, Corporate Sales 

Great service, very comfortable, peacful and clean. 

Portrait of a Man

Kevin Wells , Developer

"Very great space, clean and calm, would stay again and rate 5 stars, 6 if it was possible. "

Young Nurse

Mona Nelson, Pediatrician 

"I had an emergency deployment for a 3 -day weekend and a Tosani representative "Osay" was so sweet and genuine. She was able to find a way to accommodate me and my two daughters at such short notice. The location was so beautifully clean.   Thank you so much! "   

Happy Old Man

Adam Kornick, CEO Executive

Very Lavish and beautiful space. Amazing communication and comfortable. Thank you!

You're In Great Hands